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What is OT and why does it need to be protected from Cyber Attacks?

Protecting OT
Protecting OT

Operational Technology (OT) refers to the hardware and software used to control and monitor physical processes in industries like:

●      Energy and utilities

●      Transportation

●      Manufacturing

●      Healthcare

●      Water treatment

OT systems are critical to the functioning of these industries, and their compromise could have severe consequences, including:

●      Physical harm to people and the environment

●      Disruption of essential services

●      Economic loss

●      Reputation damage

Protecting OT is imperative because:

●      OT systems are increasingly connected to IT networks, exposing them to cyber threats

●      OT systems often use legacy technologies with inherent vulnerabilities

●      OT systems require specific security expertise and solutions

The IT team's expertise in protecting IT environments is essential, but OT requires specialized knowledge and solutions. It's crucial to:

●      Understand the unique risks and challenges of OT

●      Implement tailored security measures

●      Collaborate between IT and OT teams

●      Develop incident response plans

Protecting OT is vital to ensuring the reliability, safety, and security of critical infrastructure and industries.

At SeaSwan, we provide a streamlined cybersecurity fabric that ensures military-grade security for your operations while maintaining high productivity and minimizing the impact of security protocols on your team.

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