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Top 10 Social Engineering Tricks used by Criminals

Social Engineering Tricks UBS Drive with Malware

Top 10 Social Engineering Tricks Used by Criminals:

1. Phishing: Fraudulent emails, texts, or messages that trick victims into revealing sensitive information.

2. Pretexting: Scammers create a fake scenario to gain trust and access to sensitive information.

3. Baiting: Leaving malware-infected devices or storage media, like USB drives, for victims to find and plug into their own devices.

4. Quid Pro Quo: Offering a service or benefit in exchange for sensitive information.

5. Whaling: Targeted phishing attacks on high-level executives or officials.

6. Social Engineering by Phone: Scammers use phone calls to trick victims into revealing sensitive information.

7. Physical Social Engineering: Gaining access to a physical location or device by posing as a delivery person, IT support, or other trusted roles.

8. Scarcity Tactics: Creating a sense of urgency to prompt victims into taking action without thinking twice.

9. Authority Tactics: Posing as a figure of authority to gain trust and compliance.

10. Consensus Tactics: Creating the illusion of social proof to build trust and credibility.

Protection Tips

●      Be cautious with personal information

●      Verify identities and requests

●      Use strong passwords and MFA

●      Keep software up-to-date

●      Be wary of suspicious links and attachments

●      Use anti-phishing tools and security software

●      Educate yourself and others on social engineering tactics

By understanding these tactics, you can better protect yourself and your organization from social engineering attacks. Stay vigilant! Top 10 Social Engineering Tricks

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