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My Bank is Currently Under a Ransomware Attack!

As I sit here today, unable to access my bank account through online banking, I'm reminded of the critical state of cybersecurity in the financial sector. This moment of inconvenience underscores a broader, more alarming reality: the necessity for robust digital defenses. The financial sector is a prime target for cybercriminals, given the high value of its assets and the sensitive nature of the data it holds. Cyberattacks on banks and financial institutions are not just isolated incidents but part of a growing trend that threatens the stability of the entire financial system. Yes, Ransomware attacks of Banks are becoming commonplace.

Below is the image I see as I attempt to login to the credit union which I have been a member of since the late 90’s. Although the CEO of the CU has been sending regular emails assuring me that my money is safe, I am still a little nervous. I am hoping for the best.

In my opinion, defending a bank or credit union requires some serious military-grade security systems. Just as a country requires fortifications, vigilant guards, and constant surveillance to repel invaders, so too must financial institutions employ advanced cybersecurity measures. This includes everything from firewalls and encryption to multi-factor authentication, zero-trust access, PAM, and continuous network monitoring. The stakes are incredibly high; a successful breach can result in the theft of millions of dollars, loss of customer trust, and severe reputational damage.

Moreover, the complexity of cyber threats is increasing. Attackers are becoming more sophisticated, using tactics such as phishing, ransomware, and social engineering to exploit vulnerabilities. Financial institutions must stay ahead by continuously updating their defenses, training employees to recognize threats, and developing incident response strategies.

In essence, defending our digital assets in the financial sector is not merely a technical necessity but a strategic imperative. It is akin to safeguarding a country from a relentless enemy. The future of banking security hinges on the industry’s ability to anticipate and counter these threats effectively. Without vigorous and proactive defense measures, the financial realm remains at risk, potentially leading to dire consequences for both institutions and customers alike.

In an effort not to sound overly ambitious or opportunistic, I would like to offer SeaSwan’s military-deployed cybersecurity defense systems. If not us, we can introduce you to others who offer something that could adequately defend the realm. In all sincerity, please reach out to us if this resonates with you or if you know of an organization that might be a target for an attack like this and doesn’t have adequate protection. It doesn’t cost anything to learn exactly how to defend against these threats.

P.S. I did reach out to the CEO at my Credit Union to offer my assistance. I imagine she is going through a very stressful time and that message will not be read. There isn’t much we can do right now since the damage has been done, we’d only be able to protect them against another attack.

That is all I have for now. I wish you all a wonderful week and please stay strong in the defense of your business and personal finances.

All my best,

Chris Swanger


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