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Deploy Military Defenses Against
Nation-State Attacks

Federal agencies handle sensitive national information and are prime targets for sophisticated cyber threats. Protecting this data is critical to national security and public trust.


Federal entities face unique challenges, including:

  • Nation-State Attacks: Highly sophisticated and persistent attempts to access classified information.

  • Insider Threats: Employees with legitimate access posing security risks.

  • Compliance Requirements: Adherence to stringent regulations like FISMA and NIST standards.

Solution Breakdown

  1. Zero-Trust Fabric

    • SeaSwan Suggests: Implement a comprehensive security framework that requires verification for every access request.

    • Benefit: Significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized data access and potential insider threats by continuously validating user credentials.

  2. Web Browser Security

    • SeaSwan Suggests: Ensure that web browsing activities do not compromise agency networks.

    • Benefit: Shields against malware, reducing the risk of compromise through web-based attacks.

  3. Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Management

    • SeaSwan Suggests: Continuously evaluate security defenses to identify and fix weaknesses.

    • Benefit: Maintains robust security posture, ensuring compliance with federal regulations and protection against advanced threats.

  4. Threat Awareness Blog & Social Media

    • SeaSwan Suggests: Provides timely updates and training on emerging cyber threats.

    • Benefit: Keeps personnel informed and prepared, enhancing the overall security culture within the agency.

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