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There are many options available to further secure your domain name service to prevent spoofing and man in the middle attacks. Free Service

DNS Security

All SeaSwan customers get a complimentary subscription to our threat awareness feed which is vital in continuing important knowledge transfer. 

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Threat Awareness

Your team members need consistent training to protect their personal finances and identity and to protect the assets and data of the company.

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Digital Threat Training

X-Suite for Malware

Protects all devices in the realm by enforcing zero-trust authentication on IT, OT and IoT end points, and devices. Read More

Zero-Trust Fabric

Empowers your security team to monitor and control what the corporate browser can do, secure extensions, blacklist URLs and prevent data leaks.

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Web Browser Security

It's better to have the good guys find your vulnerabilities so the catastrophic events can be avoided. The ROI on Pen Testing is amazing. 

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Penetration Testing

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